KROSE is one of the leading insurance brokers in Germany. We co-operate with insurance departments as well as in-house insurance brokerage subsidiaries of multinational enterprises. With our expertise and services we create sustainable value by supporting our clients to optimize their risk and insurance management. We contribute to an efficient and competitive structuring, purchase and administration of risk transfer and risk financing. It is our highest aspiration to provide superior quality services in the best interest of our business partners.

Our guiding principles are founded on those of an honorable Hanseatic merchant – we keep our word and our contracts. We are an honest and reliable partner for our clients, insurers and employees. We develop our company continuously and in a sustainable way. We will only engage new clients if and when we are able to fulfill the task without neglecting existing customers.

We will tell you honestly what we can do just as we say what we cannot do. We obey all applicable laws, rules and regulations and work with our clients, insurers, employees and the public with integrity, fairness and transparency. We ensure the confidentiality of all information and agreements with our business partners. We agree upon each placement with our clients and bring it in line with their needs. We receive an appropriate remuneration from the insurer, with whom we place business. There is no compensation system which jeopardizes our objectivity in assessing the performance of insurers. We neither have an equity interest in any insurer nor does any insurer or other broker have an equity interest in us.

Our code of ethics –

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